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Which group do I sign my child up for?
We follow the LTA Competition Framework which gives guidance as to which group your child should play in, but broadly speaking it is based on age.  If in doubt, please click the following link for the LTA age group calculator: . For more information on our course, click on the COURSES tab.

My child is a very competent player -should he/she move up into the next group?
Unless your child is part of the LTA Talent ID scheme we recommend your child stays in his or her ball colour. We offer different levels within each ball colour and better/ more able players are invited to Academy groups.
Do I need a racket?
No you can borrow a racket at all venues for their first few lessons but it is nice for them to have their own. If you click on the EQUIPMENT tab there is more information on which racket is best for your child and where to buy it from.
What do I bring for each lesson?
A racket (if you have one,) drink & a cap if playing outside. Please make sure your child is wearing appropriate footwear & sports clothing. In the event of hot weather please apply sun cream before the session - for child protection reasons we cannot do this for your child.
How do I know if I've got a place on the course?
You will receive an email confirmation.
What is covered in each lesson?
We follow a set programme over the term but our main aim is to get all players rallying, working together & playing points as early as possible. Each lesson will consist of the following: warm-up, ABC's skills (focussing on developing the athletic skills required for tennis - agility, balance, coordination & speed), technical teaching around the theme of the week, fun game/ competition.
Do I have to be a member of the club?
No but a non-member fee will be added to the price. In time we hope that your son/ daughter will join the club, which is relatively inexpensive so he/she can play with parents or friends. 

I'm not sure about the online booking - can you help?  
Please have a look at our CRIB SHEET to see if this answers some of your questions. 
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